Patricia de Isidoro is a Spanish artist and architect based in London, where she has been residing since 2005, developing her art practice and producing a number of large art installations. Alongside this, she has led the design of a number of complex, large-scale architectural schemes and has worked on international projects while based in Madrid, Milan and London.

She graduated excellently in architecture at the University of Madrid. She worked briefly in Spain and then in Italy as an architect but during that time her focus shifted towards art, a love that was discovered through playing and experimenting with different materials and shapes. In Milan, she enrolled at the Brera Fine Arts Academy for a year and then continued her ongoing formation at various high-profile institutions in London, which also included an artist residency in India.

Her artwork is informed by her own experience as an architect. Operating on a variety of scales, since childhood she has been fascinated by the notion of ‘craft’ and ‘making’ in relation to art, design and architecture. This theme runs throughout her projects, resulting in a permeable ‘synthesis of the arts’, which spans from concept design to realisation. Her artistic practice is based on investigating different materialities and experimenting with various mediums. Almost in an alchemical fashion, she investigates the inherent qualities of the materials and how they can be transformed using different techniques.

Her work uncovers the mystical aspect of life, exploring metaphysical concepts such as the duality between the physical and spiritual existence. In an attempt to reveal life in its barest form, her work captures the vital force of nature, which inspires her visually and intellectually together with human emotions and scientific themes and imagery. Her art hopes to evoke powerful feelings and inspire a deeper connection with the observer by communicating the poetic aspect of life through the act of storytelling.

Both as artist and architect, the perception of space is a fundamental aspect of her practice. By playing with space to skilfully transform it, she challenges perceptions in order to generate experiences within the user or observer. This culminates in 245 Hammermith Road, a large commercial office building on which she worked both as an architect, as well as artist – with the client commissioning her largest work to date -3000 hands 3000 threads, for the main reception space.

Other recently completed artwork installations include Aldilà (London), and Meraki (Madrid).